Mr. Hamm is experienced in a wide variety of civil issues involving firearms law and issues affecting the firearms industry, including:
► Federal Firearms License (Suspension, Revocation, Application)

► Sale of Firearms Retail Store (Dissolution and BATFE Records Submission)

► Importation of Family Heirlooms

► Traveling With and Transporting Firearms

► Breach of Contract for Large Ammunition or Component Purchases

► Disposition of Relics and War Trophies

► Transportation Safety Administration Civil Violations

► NFA / Class III / Title II Weapons

► Civil Forfeiture and Civil Abandonment

► Liquidation of Large Firearms Collections or Estate Holdings

► Range issues (Ordnance, Zoning, Safety, Nuisance and Noise)

► Credit Card Transaction Withholding (Firearms Transactions)

► Concealed Handgun Licensing Scheme

► Products Liability Involving Firearms