In 2009, I set out to create a new business model by attacking what I saw as the large firm dilemma: high fixed cost structures, excessive administrative to attorney ratios, incompatible or competing practice areas between partners, and complicated ethical and conflicts issues. This meant replacing most employed or partnered attorneys with flexible professional relationships, bound together by a focus on quality and performance. Instead of staffing the firm, we focused on staffing the case.

We also implemented state of the art technology including voice recognition software, electronic court filing, secure cloud computing and offsite document processing years before these practices became commonplace. These technologies enable sophisticated courtroom presentations, efficient office practices, and flexible client communications.

For more than a decade, the firm has utilized this innovative business model to produce successful results. Our focus on quality and performance, supported by technology, allows us to provide exceptional service at competitive rates. In particular, we found that our focus on staffing the case keeps the focus where it belongs – on the case.