►  International contract dispute between Texas oil rig manufacturer and Indian partnership (π). Northern District of Texas, Wichita Falls Division. W3003.001
►  Securities litigation involving a Texas energy company and minority shareholders. Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division (π/Δ). N3001.007
►  Breach of contract between investor relations management company and technical services provider. Collin County District Court (π). B3004.001
►  International trademark dispute between Canadian company and Texas firearms facility. Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division (Δ). T3001.00X
►  Anticipatory repudiation of contract action regarding multimillion dollar omnibus agreement. Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division (π). N3001.012
►  State class action against automobile dealership alleging fraud and misrepresentation. Collin County District Court (π). B3002.001
►  Shareholder dispute involving ownership of a Michigan foundry (X). Collin County District Court. R0668.004
►  Breach of contract and fiduciary action against energy company following multimillion dollar private placement (π). N3001.001
►  Partnership dispute involving ownership of home construction and development company (Δ). F0802.001
► Investment rescission and fraud action involving financial services and oil and gas companies (Δ). Dallas County District Court. N3001.011
►  Breach of contract action involving H1B Visa placement company following sale of business. Dallas County District Court (Δ). T3002.001
►  Valuation dispute involving minority business owner following election to purchase option (π). Collin County District Court. P3007.001
►  Investment rescission and securities action involving sale of viatical products (Δ). Love County District Court. M3004.001
► Fraudulent inducement action by white label reseller against telemedicine service provider (π). Collin County District Court. D3004.001
►  Declaratory judgment action between energy company and land man regarding oil and gas leases (π). Dallas County District Court. S3001.001
►  Bad faith, extra contractual and declaratory judgment action against insurance company (π). Northern District, Fort Worth Division. R3003.001
►  Complaint for recovery under a Federal Maritime Commission surety bond (π). Southern District, Houston Division. P3006.001
►  Texas Securities Act, Fraud and Conspiracy action involving 1.7 Million dollar collateralized bridge loan (π). Tarrant County District Court. P3010.003.
►  Multi district litigation in involving corporate litigation for embezzlement against CEO, separate investor litigation for fraudulent inducement, and related bankruptcy action (π). Collin County District Court. N3002.003/004/005.


►  Imminent Domain case involving Collin County and veterinarian business (Δ). Collin County District Court. C1472.001
►  Real estate dispute involving luxury condominium development (Δ). Dallas County District Court. H3003.001
►  Commercial real estate dispute involving trucking company and investor (Δ). Collin County District Court. G3002.001
►  Contractual lien foreclosure (Δ). Wise County District Court. G3002.001


►  Dispute between homeowner and HOA over proposed pool and related improvements (π). Tarrant County District Court. V3001.002
►  Fraud, fraudulent inducement, and conspiracy action regarding equity interest in company (π). Collin County District Court S3006.002.
►  Action against common carrier following internal theft of luxury household goods (π). Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division. N0627.004
►  Litigated probate case involving will dispute and life insurance issues (π). Tarrant County Probate Court. H3002.001
►  Wrongful termination for refusal to commit unlawful act (π). Dallas County District Court S3006.001.