►  Shareholder dispute including derivative claims, breach of fiduciary duty, and right to control issues involving two closely held companies with two overlapping officers, directors and owners. Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division D3008.001/2/3 (π/Δ). Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division. D3008.001/2/3
►  International contract dispute between Texas oil rig manufacturer and Indian partnership (π). Northern District of Texas, Wichita Falls Division. W3003.001
►  Securities litigation involving a Texas energy company and minority shareholders. Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division (π/Δ). N3001.007
►  Breach of contract between investor relations management company and technical services provider. Collin County District Court (π). B3004.001
►  International trademark dispute between Canadian company and Texas firearms facility. Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division (Δ). T3001.00X
►  Anticipatory repudiation of contract action regarding multimillion dollar omnibus agreement. Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division (π). N3001.012
►  State class action against automobile dealership alleging fraud and misrepresentation. Collin County District Court (π). B3002.001
►  Shareholder dispute involving ownership of a Michigan foundry (X). Collin County District Court. R0668.004
►  Breach of contract and fiduciary action against energy company following multimillion dollar private placement (π). N3001.001
►  Partnership dispute involving ownership of home construction and development company (Δ). F0802.001
► Investment rescission and fraud action involving financial services and oil and gas companies (Δ). Dallas County District Court. N3001.011
►  Breach of contract action involving H1B Visa placement company following sale of business. Dallas County District Court (Δ). T3002.001
►  Valuation dispute involving minority business owner following election to purchase option (π). Collin County District Court. P3007.001
►  Investment rescission and securities action involving sale of viatical products (Δ). Love County District Court. M3004.001
► Fraudulent inducement action by white label reseller against telemedicine service provider (π). Collin County District Court. D3004.001
►  Declaratory judgment action between energy company and land man regarding oil and gas leases (π). Dallas County District Court. S3001.001
►  Bad faith, extra contractual and declaratory judgment action against insurance company (π). Northern District, Fort Worth Division. R3003.001
►  Complaint for recovery under a Federal Maritime Commission surety bond (π). Southern District, Houston Division. P3006.001
►  Texas Securities Act, Fraud and Conspiracy action involving 1.7 Million dollar collateralized bridge loan (π). Tarrant County District Court. P3010.003.
►  Multi district litigation involving corporate litigation for embezzlement against CEO, separate investor litigation for fraudulent inducement, and related bankruptcy action (π). Collin County District Court. N3002.003/004/005.


►  Imminent Domain case involving Collin County and veterinarian business (Δ). Collin County District Court. C1472.001
►  Real estate dispute involving luxury condominium development (Δ). Dallas County District Court. H3003.001
►  Commercial real estate dispute involving trucking company and investor (Δ). Collin County District Court. G3002.001
►  Contractual lien foreclosure (Δ). Wise County District Court. G3002.001


►  Dispute between homeowner and HOA over proposed pool and related improvements (π). Tarrant County District Court. V3001.002
►  Fraud, fraudulent inducement, and conspiracy action regarding equity interest in company (π). Collin County District Court S3006.002.
►  Action against common carrier following internal theft of luxury household goods (π). Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division. N0627.004
►  Litigated probate case involving will dispute and life insurance issues (π). Tarrant County Probate Court. H3002.001
►  Wrongful termination for refusal to commit unlawful act (π). Dallas County District Court S3006.001.